Slavery did not end with abolition in the 19th century; We know that the practice still continues today in one form or another across the world.



Focusing on UK, this drama seeks to...

Raise awareness of child trafficking and exploitation activities operating between Africa and Europe. It also highlights the failings of authorities at various levels to picking up the trend. Estimates suggest that, in reality, at least 10 children are trafficked every week in the UK. This drama is is a fiction based on high profile incidents dealt with in UK courts recently.



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We all have a moral/social responsibility to expose immorality

Children and adults who have experienced adversity and interpersonal violence are likely to have experienced injustice as part of their exposure to trauma. These experiences that become infiltrated into a person’s life often interfere with their ability too.

The Actors

Meet The Film Directors,

we love what we do.

Our Team of Directors

Amazin' Ijeoma

Amazin' is a passionate member of our team. A Housing Studies graduate of Greenwich University London, as well as a Singer song writer, a Music Minister, an Actor and Dancer. Amazin' has brought in her talent into this project.

Vacant Role

Mr Vacant recently recently joined the team having just completed the project Planet Try. He is one of the UK's most renowned Movie Director. He teaches script writing at Oxford University.




Child Slavery

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